The art of blogging about behr facts

There is a certain skill to blogging about behr facts but I may not yet have acquired it. However I am working on my new website which I hope to launch soon and which is linked to this blog by virtue of its name.

No, not just the ‘behr’ part, which would be too obvious. More the facts part. Here are a few clues to entice you.

  • it’s fine to have your facts and ideally they will be behr ones (see earlier posts for how to tell, or not). However the facts ain’t no good without some sort of consequence to them.
  • as an example, it may be a fact (and possibly a behr one) that the majority of schools in England are mixed gender. However, we know for a fact that there are single gender schools and that there are different views about whether girls and boys should be taught separately from each other.
  • what are the consequences of these facts? Well one of them is that schools, local authorities and central government all analyse exam results by male/female breakdown to see whether there are any key changes or developments in balance between genders.
  • Another is that the data are used to justify specific policies at local or national level that are designed to ‘socially engineer’ the gender mix in the right direction i.e. encourage more girls to study Physics or more boys to study English.

Where does this all leave us? With the behr fact that evidence can be used for a range of purposes which in turn may impact on the nature and quality of the evidence itself. The Whig interpretation of history is one example of this.


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