behr outcomes

As well as behr facts there are behr outcomes.

In a simplified approach, behr outcomes are what happens to behr facts after they are:

  • identified
  • authenticated
  • collated
  • analysed
  • summarised
  • used to measure progress on project deliverables

A behr outcome is evidence which shows that a specific project deliverable is producing a realisable benefit.

For example, in education, a new teaching methodology developed within a school (or group of schools) as part of a teacher training or professional development programme produces evidence of increased student engagement with learning. The realisable benefit is the positive impact this increase has on the motivation of the teaching staff and the students to do well, or the enthusiasm with which the governors and parents support the school’s programme of activities, or more basically the rating achieved by the school after an inspection visit.*

*I have deliberately avoided any mention of examination or test results but see the recent ATL survey for a more topical discussion of this area.