So the day has finally come!

In perfect synchronicity with the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I launched the ‘behroutcomes’ website today.

What is behroutcomes? Well it’s not behrfacts. But it is a website for my new business which carries the same name. There have a been a few hints in previous posts.

behroutcomes provides advice to organisations to help them produce real benefits from programmes, projects and activities in education and/or cultural heritage. It says it all very succinctly at .

However one thing I won’t be doing is blogging on the new website. That stays here on behrfacts. And given that today marks 100 years since RMS Titanic sank, here are some facts to go with it. The last is definitely a behr fact.

  • The mighty liner disappeared beneath the waves at 2.20am on Monday April 15th 1912
  • Reassuring anxious relatives waiting for further news of their loved ones, the White Star Company said that the ship was absolutely unsinkable
  • Within hours the company’s officials admitted that many lives had been lost
  • The ship had fewer lifeboats than originally designed and many of them weren’t used to full capacity due to the policy of ‘women and children first’.
  • Two of the survivors were Karl Howell Behr, a US tennis star, and Helen Newsom. Karl had been pursuing Helen literally onto the ship. They escaped on a lifeboat together and were married a year later.

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