portfolio careers

I attended a great course this week about defining a porfolio career for yourself. Really engaging session with a combination of experienced and beginner portfolio careerists. What was the single most important thing we learned from the workshop?

Well, in my opinion, which means it may not be a behr fact, we learned that everyone has a special strength, skill or interest within them that they can develop confidently into a unique niche which stands out from the crowd.

The behr outcome for me was that I no longer needed to fear about failure and concentrate on making a succcess in a positive way.

As for the real benefit?

Well time will only tell and one suggestion I made was for the participants to reconvene at a later date and share their progress together. This would help them to compare stories and plan together for the future, not necessarily by working together, but definitely by supporting each other with ideas, observations and words of encouragement.