How to get to 10 posts on your blog in no time at all

Apparently one successful way of getting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog or website is by creating interesting lists. So here goes.

  • This is the 10th post on my blog (yeah!)
  • I’m only doing it so I can boast about it
  • It comes after the 9th post, which means at least I can count
  • I had to push buttons on something called a keyboard to do it
  • I had to make sure the buttons were in the itghr order
  • I meant ‘right’ of rsucoe
  • And ‘course’ of course
  • This is my 8th bullet on the list
  • I thought I’d just leave this one empty (but didn’t know how to)
  • And there you are, easy!

On a more serious note, sometimes the point of the exercise gets left behind in the love of the practice. That’s a behr fact.

Oh and you can use blogs to promote yourself or any of your behr outcomes.

Finally don’t forget to tweet about it and make sure this gets linked to your other social networking sites.

Sorry, what was I supposed to do?