We know the outcomes of the London Mayoral election but what about the benefits?

I have to admit it.

I was impressed by Siobhan Benita’s ‘shoe string’ campaign during the London Mayoral election.

I didn’t agree with all of her policies, especially on a 3rd runway for Heathrow Airport, but then I live near the 1st and 2nd ones – as I type this planes are flying over every minute, pretty high up but still loud enough to disturb my thoughts.

However I did like many of her other ideas including those on education, particularly the suggestion of an independent commissioner for education in London.

In the end Boris Johnson was bound to make it (I heard one female admirer on the radio admitting that she liked men who made her laugh!) though it was a close run thing with Ken Livingstone just missing out.

But what will be the real benefits now that we know the outcomes?

  • Boris is probably the best host of the London Olympics: he looks like he has just competed in an event and is great at public relations.
  • He may have even had some impact on the Coalition Government, which did not do well in many local elections around England.
  • Most importantly it depends on what he decides to do next. So why not test Siobhan Benita’s ideas, Boris, by taking an evidence-based approach?

Politics badly needs to move away from party political bickering to discussions of real substance and perhaps this could be the real benefit of this election?