Benefits that are more than just results

I have devised a logo for my business behr outcomes and an accompanying strapline which goes: “benefits that are more than just results”. So far I am only using this on a new business card and before I apply any of this to the business website or even wider I thought I would explain the rationale behind it on this blog.

It’s a fascinating exercise trying to depict a graphic that sums up what you are trying to do AND expressing this in words as succinctly as possible. Tweeting regularly helps with the latter, getting some expert design input with the former. This is why I turned to my 11-year old daughter (note: the definition of an expert is someone who knows more than you).

Together we sat down and discussed what it was the business is really trying to do. As said in my previous post, it is about bridging the gaps between facts, outcomes and benefits a.ka. knowledge brokering. In simple terms this means analysing and communicating about evidence to ensure that programmes, projects or activities make a real difference.

The design team decided upon an image of a large O representing outcomes and a small b representing benefits. Importantly the b was located to the top right of the O. Within the O we decided to place a tick. This represents results, the point being that outcomes are bigger than just ticking off an achieved target and so turning it into a result. It is very relevant in terms of measuring educational performance, confirmed in a recent opening meeting of an exclusive forum on national assessment that I have been privileged to join.

But why the importance of placing the b where it is? Because then it represents ‘to the power of” mathematically and so the image becomes the description beneath it: ‘O to the power of b‘. This is a play on words that means both ‘benefits leveraging outcomes’ and ‘Oh to the impact of using behr outcomes‘. No harm in a bit of ego-stroking occasionally!

At this point you will probably want to look at the logo.

You can do this by physically meeting me and asking me for my business card. I have only printed 100 and already half-a-dozen  have gone to key contacts within the last few days …


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