Life’s a pitch

Wondering what this post is going to be about? Given the title (‘Life’s a pitch’) it could be any to the following:

  • the story of a sportsman or -woman’s career
  • a whinge of some kind about the general unfairness of life (replace the ‘p’ with a ‘b’)
  • something completely different

It is in fact the last of the 3 bullets, which is the title of a book that I bought on a whim when I was in a bookshop yesterday. One selling point was a quote by famous designer Sir Terence Conran, who I admire, on the front cover which went: “If only I had read this book at the beginning of my career, where would I be now?”

The strap line for the book is: ‘How to sell yourself and your brilliant ideas’. This is what really got me hooked. I also liked the light blue tone and clear design layout of the cover.

And this in a nutshell is what the book is really about. How to convey as succinctly and effectively as possible key messages about yourself, your service, your product, your project etc. to potentially busy and sceptical audiences. Hence ‘Life’s a pitch’.

On reading the contents all kinds of gems came tumbling out which I won’t bore you with as you’ll have to buy the book yourself and find out. But I do know that I will be rethinking my business approach as a result. The biggest challenge will be to produce one key slide, picture, diagram which captures why what I do is of relevance to others. A bit like the elevator challenge or how to win over a VIP if you happen to catch them in a lift and only have a minute to impress them.

This is where you could help me if you want.

My current business strap line is two fold:

  • bridging the gaps between facts, outcomes and benefits (mainly on the website, but also within text describing the business)
  • benefits that are more than just results (on business cards and newsletters next to the logo)

Please tell me which of these you prefer, or suggest a new one, by completing this very short survey. I will do a future post on the outcomes of this exercise.


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