Where will you go to college or university (if you go)?

The Department for Education has released data today on destinations of students in England going from secondary to further to higher/continuing education i.e. put simply, school to sixth form/college to university. This covers state funded schools only so ignores the c.8% of the sector run privately.

Since I am particularly interested in pushing for a post16 strategic partnership in the area where I live that I call South West London (no longer really exists), I thought I would do some analysis of the Local Authorities (LAs) within it. For my purposes these are Hounslow, Richmond, Kingston, Merton, Wandsworth and Fulham & Hammersmith.

It is easiest to look at the additional data on movements from further to higher education by LA, even though this doesn’t provide a full picture of what is going on by type of school e.g. 11-16, 11-18, selective, single sex, religious character  etc. This would be a much bigger exercise, though worthwhile.  Table 1 provides some basic details at the bottom of this post and there follows some brief commentary.

You can see immediately from the table that entry to university varies around the 60% mark, which is high by national standards (52%). Of these a noticeable proportion go to Oxbridge or other Russell Group universities, and it would be great to see the details matched back to all schools, not just those with post16 provision. But what is equally noticeable is the share of post16 students who haven’t continued with education or about whom nothing is known – this is as high as a third in two of the LAs (Richmond and Kingston).

Finally, the broader question which the data poses is the following: what information should students (and their parents/carers) have about schools and colleges in order to inform their future career options? This becomes even more pertinent with the increase in university tuition fees in England. The DfE is consulting on the use of this new data so you may wish to respond.

Table 1  (note: an ‘x’ means data was suppressed at school/college level to prevent identifying individual students. The columns don’t add up as data on some other destinations has been excluded)

Local Authority Number of students % Higher Education Institution % Oxbridge % Other Russell Group (excluding Oxbridge) % Education destination not sustained % Not Captured in Data
Hounslow 1,410 66 1 8 6 18
Kingston upon Thames 1,740 57 2 10 7 26
Merton 260 67 x 14 5 23
Richmond upon Thames 1,410 57 0 5 6 27
Hammersmith and Fulham 930 63 1 9 7 21
Wandsworth 1,400 60 1 6 7 24

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