The Dark Knight descends; the #KidfromKilburn rides!

Perhaps it was a watershed moment?

The massacre in the US cinema during a showing of the latest Batman film. The audience weren’t sure if the shooting was part of the performance. Reality and fantasy become one at last. Twitter trends on the make of the automatic weapon that dispensed death like a super efficient factory robot managed by the Grim Reaper.

What is going on and is there anything we should do about it?

I think we all know in our hearts what is going on. The freedoms and values that we place on being part of a democratic society are starting to bite back at us. This happens in any system that is designed to push the limits.

Clearly we can do something about it, but do we want to?  Yes we do!

The London Olympics has been dogged by all kinds of issues but, fingers crossed, we will see some great individual and team performances. More importantly the original spirit of the Olympics will prevail despite all the nationalist and commercial chatter.

With this is mind it is great seeing Bradley Wiggins formally win the Tour de France today. This man is a super-non-hero with side burns. A normal bloke who just happens to be very good at what he does and is considerate to boot. No polished PR image here. This is virtual reality.

Goodbye dark night, hello the boring, normal clarity of day.


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