To thine own self be true

In my 30th post I said that my next one, this post, would be a marker.

I feel a bit like a GB Olympic contestant who has been set up for a guaranteed Gold medal and is nervously waiting to start his or her event.

What will be different about this post?

  1. It will be 100% sincere with no attempt at concealing the truth at all
  2. There will be no effort to re-edit once the first draft has been laid down
  3. The subject material will be of relevance to everyone

So in reverse order, the subject of this post is: ‘to thine own self be true’ (William Shakespeare, Hamlet).

This is a saying that my father taught me from a fairly young age and which I have tried hard to apply in life. But I have to admit partial failure. I have largely preferred not to be true to myself because that way I think is easier and others will react better to me. Also, I am not clear who my ‘self’ is. I seem to be an amalgam of identities depending on what the current theme is or who I happen to be speaking to. I’m brilliant at mirroring other people in meetings, but not so good at asserting my own unique personality and strengths in a way that is well-received by others.

Why is this? Because I think I was never shown properly how to do it, and I admit to an element of intellectual arrogance that assumes I know what is right, when often I am not quite sure.

An example? My attitude to religion fluctuates depending on who I am speaking to about it. With atheists I can become quite sceptical about any possible existence of a god, while on the other hand, with religious people I can quite easily give the impression that I believe their god actually exists (without specifically committing myself to wanting to worship it, him or her).

Where does this leave me now? The sub-title for this blog is ‘facts, outcomes and benefits plus much more’ and this links to my business strap line which is either ‘bridging the gaps between facts, outcomes and benefits’ or ‘benefits that are more than just results’ (see my post no 26 for more on this – results of the survey choosing between the two have been inconclusive so far but I welcome further contributions).

So I think it means that I will focus on the ‘plus much more’ bit as that is really what people are after from a blog and it is closer to what I am about as a person. All the facts, outcomes and benefits stuff will be moved elsewhere, yet to be decided, perhaps to the business website.

The problem is identifying which things are much more than facts, outcomes and benefits. Perhaps beliefs? I’m not convinced. Then emotions? This is closer as it is moving into an area that starts to touch readers depending on the subject matter. And I am one of them. So let it be emotions then.

Question: which emotion is the one you fear the most and why?

My next post will try to answer the question 100% honestly for myself at least. Would you be able to do this as well?