So what is KW?

Do we always know what type of knowledge we should know?

This is a more difficult question than it looks, which may well frighten you off, but please persevere.

In my role as a knowledge broker it is important to understand the different types of knowledge that are out there. Here is a possible starting list in no particular order:

  • basic facts about our universe/world
  • languages and their rules
  • statistical data
  • ethical or moral positions
  • scientific and political laws
  • religious doctrines
  • codes of behaviour
  • operating instructions
  • hypotheses

I could go on but won’t. There is more than enough to know. But the big question is how do we decide WHAT we need to know?

This is done by combining what is inside our bodies with what takes place outside them, using a continuum. At one extreme lie those who have little if any regard for external happenings as all their knowledge is based on what their bodies are telling them, like infants or the chronically ill. I need food! I want the pain to go away!

At the other extreme are those who by using drugs (like Rock Stars?) or extreme mental focus (like Olympians?) appear to be outside their bodies looking in. Most of us are somewhere between the two, moving towards one end or the other depending on mood and circumstances.

The question was: do we always KNOW what type of knowledge we should know? To my mind the answer has to be: KNOW – KW = NO.

So what is KW?

If only I knew ….