KW is OK

Monday’s post was a bit unusual. As Boris Johnson would say, it was like London Tube commuters actually speaking to each other.

It was an experiment to see how short a title could be produced for a blog post. The category was ‘knowledge brokering’, whereas today’s blog is under ‘personal thoughts’.

On Monday I wished I knew what KW was. Today I know. It is not ‘Kilowatt’. Or someone’s initials. Or a brand. It is a very simple image. Not a hard fact or a hypothesis. More a value judgement.

Below is a photo of our daughter Katya when she was a few days old, a peaceful child of the new Millennium.

When you are new to the world everything is possible. You have no knowledge. But you can still know your way. You decide on what happens to you because no-one:

  • tells you that in about 11 years time you will get a level x at Key Stage 2 Maths, five years later you will get a y grade in GCSE English and two years after that a z in A level Physics.
  • advises you on which university to go to based on the perceived quality of teaching and research
  • decides whether you are suitable for a professional or other type of career
  • says who you will marry, if you decide to, and how many children you will have
  • implies that you have to go through the same process with your children and possibly your childrens’ children.

No, all the decisions are yours. Problem is your a bit too young to make them ….

Katya’s world is OK.