Really inspiring a generation

I’ve just watched an inspiring YouTube video I came across by chance.

It wasn’t about the Olympics or Paralympics which have dominated the summer. But it was about another, possibly, more significant event. The arrival of the Mars Curiosity rover on the red planet to start a new trail of exploration. Who knows where it will take us? Proof of life on Mars before it started on Earth?

The video is about more than the technical achievement of what was clearly a complex project (some would say even more so than delivering major sporting facilitates and events). It shows that there is an emotional element to preparations, which for one individual took 7 years or a quarter of his life, longer than an Olympic hopeful trains between tournaments through blood, sweat and tears.

This is what we really mean by inspiring a generation. Showing them how to look for long term outcomes that may turn into substantial benefits.

It also reflects what I am trying to do through my business (behr outcomes) with all those who are involved in school and college education at a localised level.

Watch the video and learn.


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