The Minister is feeling tigerish about exam changes

I attended a conference yesterday on the reform of A-levels in England, which are the main school-leaving certificates for those who continue with their education to age 18.

The speakers and questions were all very stimulating and there was plenty of food for thought. Conclusions?

I couldn’t help thinking that examination and qualifications reform is a highly dangerous field to tread in.


Sadly many politicians seem to think the opposite. They don’t associate it with hand-feeding hungry tigers, for example.

Beware the hungry tiger that wants results

Why are they not more cautious?

I can only assume because they are risk takers and in their everyday world of tough political choices, examination and qualifications reform seems a relatively easy option.

Also, they can be driven in their decisions by international comparisons with highly competitive Tiger Economies. Better to eat than be eaten?

Whatever is going on it continues to mystify me. I am more convinced than ever that politicians should stay out of this area and in fact be very careful on how they approach broader changes to education systems at a local level.

Do I expect to be heeded? No. Will I continue to push for a de-politicisation of education? Yes.

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