Correction. Happiness is a warm exam hall seat.

I blogged about happiness at the end of September.

At the time I thought it was very simple and as they say ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, in this case of a warm beach.

However it now seems I was wrong.

Michael Gove, the English Minister for Education, will apparently be telling the world at a conference today that happiness is a warm exam hall seat (I simplify somewhat here, just as the minister does about complex education issues to get his point across).

One assumes, as in the above photo, that this is so even if you are the last person in the exam hall still struggling to complete a 3 hour paper in legible handwriting and knowing that others are naturally better than this than you.

But life is unfair.

I sat a 3 hour exam in March this year for an Association for Project Management ‘P’ Certificate having completed an intensive course over the previous 4 days. It was the first time I had done this for more than 20 years. I have to admit it was a real struggle to write rapidly using a pen as I am much quicker on a keyboard, like I suspect most others nowadays. I messed up one question completely (zero marks, which I thought was a bit tough!) but fortunately did well enough on the others to compensate and so gain a pass. I am now qualified to run projects, though I already knew that.

So is happiness really a warm exam hall seat?

I prefer the beach analogy thanks.


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