Wellbeing, well, being and dead poets

‘Wellbeing’ is an expression that is bandied around a lot nowadays, especially by authorities that are determined to ensure that as much as possible of it is around for us citizens to take advantage of. The problem is measuring it.

My favourite image of wellbeing is below:

Cat version of wellbeing

Cat version of wellbeing???

I’ve mentioned and tagged ‘happiness’ in previous posts, which I prefer to wellbeing as an objective in life. But  while happiness is an emotion, sometimes not easy to pursue, if you split the ‘well’ from the ‘being’, and leave the first word behind, then perhaps you arrive somewhere more useful.

Well, being is a state. It is about experiencing the here and now.

It relates to my all time favourite education-related motto carpe diem or “seize the day” from a brilliant film about inspirational teaching called Dead Poets Society.

You must see it if you haven’t yet. It will change your life.


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