Did Santa get the right careers advice? A short Christmas tale.

Careers advice in schools has been a lot on my mind lately due to the current debate about its provision that is taking place in England.


As a parent this is a difficult subject because we tend to think we are careers experts, which our children may not always appreciate. Imagine what it was like for young Santa Claus.

No better job than handing out present

No better job for a man than handing out presents

SCENE: The North Pole, Santa’s House

Santa’s dad: well son, it’s about time we spoke about your plans to get some work experience under your belt.

Santa: why dad?

Santa’s dad: because one day you’re going to take over from me and run the whole show

Santa: gosh Dad I’m still a bit young for that.

Santa’s dad: you’re never too young to learn about the real world. Work is life and life is work.

Santa: but dad I want to become a computer programmer. My ICT teacher thinks I would be good at it.

Santa’s dad: don’t be ridiculous, what on earth has that got to do with handling a sleigh and deer?

Santa: well, perhaps one day dad we won’t need to fly around and drop down people’s chimneys.

Santa’s dad: not over my dead body.

Santa: can I at least speak to my school careers officer?

Santa’s dad: fine, as long as you listen to me first and him second (and your ICT teacher last).

Santa: he’s a she actually.

Santa’s dad: even more reason then. Your mother knows who’s in charge in this household.

Santa’s mum: my dearest, you sit around 364 days of the year and then for one single night get off your backside and do a bit of sleigh riding and delivering of presents. How tough is that? Santa junior, don’t even think of listening to your dad.

Santa: mum, the way you’ve put it I think I’ll drop the programming and stick to the family profession.

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