Merry Christmas everyone #atimeforaspirations

It’s been an interesting time over the last 365 days since Christmas Eve 2011.

That evening was spent in a beautiful resort in the Philippines. It was magical and memorable.

Wind forward two months and I had just left my long-term employer to begin a new portfolio career working for myself.

On 15 April we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and simultaneously launched the behroutcomes website. Courageous or what?

Then we hit the summer and revelled in the positive vibes of the Diamond Jubilee, The London Olympics and the London Paralympics. It felt great to be living in the capital.

By the autumn life had slowed down but the portfolio bit of the career was starting to take shape with a range of options coming to the fore. Patience was still a virtue.

Now we are back at the start of another cycle this time in Germany, where we expected a white Christmas but got a pleasantly mild one instead.

Where will we be in a year’s time?

My big hope, not surprising from my recent posts, is that the United States will have finally sorted out its gun problem. This could send a message to the rest of the world. Europe could be financially secure and leading on meeting the challenge of climate change. Africa needs to tackle corruption in government. Asia should decide on how much it wants growth for growth’s sake. South America must look closely at Brazil and learn from both positives and negatives in that emerging world leader. Russia, well where do you start … perhaps with a change of leadership towards something truly democratic?

Just a few Xmas wishes then. No harm in being aspirational.