10 reasons why 2013 will be different from 2012, including this post

I try not to produce too many lists when I post on my blog but I think the first day of the New Year makes a good exception. Please note there is nothing about any resolutions here as I have decided to forego them and focus on doing well in the areas I have always excelled in using the 20/80 Pareto Principle.

So here are 10 reasons why 2013 will be different from 2012:

  1. So far there is no hint of a predicted global apocalypse, so that gets any superstitions out the way this year. Of course there will be a Friday 13th in September for any disaster junkies.
  2. On a personal note I will come to the end of my 50th year on the planet. It has been an eventful one with me leaving my employer of 14 years a couple of days before my 50th birthday and then setting off on a new portfolio career.
  3. We will have the first teenagers of the new Millennium from today onwards and my daughter will officially become one of them in August, though she has already started to behave like one. On a positive note this can be both stimulating and challenging for her parents.
  4. In the education sphere where I operate, we may have all kinds of things we didn’t have in 2012. Such is the turmoil of reform that it is difficult to say precisely what we will have! I can only hazard a guess that we may have the same set of Ministers responsible for education in England.
  5. My big wish for 2013 is that at last the USA, still looked up to by many of us for all kinds of strange and sometimes nostalgic reasons, will get a grip on its guns and drugs problems.
  6. We all know there will be another series of Downton Abbey in 2013. As a family we are still getting over the shock of the Christmas 2012 special episode which we only saw a few days ago on replay, thankfully. My lips are sealed to avoid spoiling things for any US viewers who start watching soon.
  7. One of the biggest concerns we have to tackle is the future of our planet. I hope that we get proof of past life on Mars in 2013 and the full story of its demise. This may act as a wake up call for all of us but especially those politicians who are determined to avoid the issue altogether.
  8. Another issue for us all in 2013 is the role of women in the world. This has changed dramatically in many countries over the last decades, but then we get setbacks highlighted by appalling incidents of the worst possible kind of discrimination. Please let them not happen in 2013. See my previous post here on girls and education.
  9. I expect 2013 will see more knowledge and evidence in the world than in 2012. I fear that politicians and the media will continue to be selective about their usage of this information, despite the role of knowledge brokers such as myself. I am a big fan of statistical diagrams especially those used by Florence Nightingale to persuade the British Military establishment it needed to care for its wounded better.

    Florence Nightingale diagram

    Florence Nightingale diagram

  10. The final reason why this year will be different from 2012 is because since you are reading this post, you now have proof of having made it across the midnight boundary in whatever part of the world you are. This wasn’t available last year. Congratulations!