Is Siberia really colder than London? It depends where you live.

Looking out of my window at the falling snow I ponder about how long the cold spell will last. Does it really matter?

My sister-in-law lives in Abaza, a small town in mid-Siberia, and through the wonders of technology we can video call her from the UK.

Abaza in Siberia

Abaza in Summer (so warmer than usual!)

Today we joked that we were experiencing Siberia in our part of London and showed her live pictures of the wintry landscape. She countered by saying that we didn’t have an icy wind and temperatures of minus 40 degrees C. We noted that friends of ours who come from Omsk (also in Siberia but further to the West) had said that a British winter was colder than a Russian one – apparently it is because of the damp in the air which gets right inside your bones.

The conversation could have gone on for ever but by mutual agreement we stopped without an outcome as it didn’t really matter to us.

The point I am making is that facts are subject to negotiation. Some are more important than others, some less. My role as a knowledge broker is to ensure that key facts are defined, categorised and analysed so as to inform measurable outcomes, which in turn link to realisable benefits i.e. advantages that have substantial, long-term value.

As you can see it’s not always straight forward even in the, seemingly, most obvious cases!