My education system is better than yours …

I was at an interesting research seminar in Cambridge yesterday which discussed the benefits of international education benchmarking exercises such as PISA, TIMSS and PIRLS.

One speaker exemplified the problem of Education Ministers in different countries competing with each other on their reforms, like boys fighting.

credit Todd Huffman

credit Todd Huffman

Looking at the USA alone you can see incredible competition between the states.  For example, Missouri plans to be in the top 10 US states in education terms by 2020. There are extensive measures to see how the state is doing on this goal.

But does it really matter?

If Missouri makes the top 10 in the USA, then together with the other 9 ‘winners’, it can look down in a self-satisfied way at all the other states lower down the pile. I guess if that’s what makes you happy …

What really counts to my mind is localities within Missouri looking after their educational needs in collaboration with their neighbours. This implies a joint effort focused on requirements closer to the chalkface.

In partnerships of schools and other stakeholders.

Enough said.