#govelevels The tiger bites back, but spares the Minister for now …

Michael Gove has had to eat a bit of humble pie lately, which is probably not a bad thing in life for one so apparently full of self-confidence.

Who's smiling now?

Waiting for my next meal …

This moral and intellectual bravura first emerged to the wider world last year when he gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry on the role of the press in the UK. He not only defended the somewhat beleaguered reputation of his ex-boss Rupert Murdoch, but even lectured the presiding, highly experienced judge about the meaning of liberty.

Many of us have been warning that the English Education Minister’s plans for qualifications reform had high risks attached to them.

Mike Baker, the highly regarded education journalist who sadly died from cancer last September, wrote one of his last posts on the threat of a return to O-levels. Subsequently in a post on this blog about plans for A-level reform I used the analogy of feeding tigers. The Education Select Committee and Ofqual also sent shots across the Coalition Government’s bows about the danger of forcing things too quickly without due diligence.

It seems the tiger has bitten back. And the Minister has listened, to his credit, though one wonders what pressures were placed on him.

Lessons need to be learned or next time the tiger will come back smiling with the Minister inside.


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