Celebrating the year of a tiger

It seems that celebrating anniversaries is a national hobby in the UK.


Queen Elizabeth II just keeps celebrating

This is certainly true when it comes to the Royal Family.  Last year we celebrated the Queen’s 60 years as our monarch and on the 6 February this year we formally recognised 60 years since her coronation.

I’ve just finished a year of being 50 years old. Half a century! Difficult to believe it.

Much has happened during my year of official celebrations.

Let’s now look forward to any challenges that the year of the snake brings with it. I say this as someone born in the year of the tiger who feels a close affinity with those beautiful but powerful creatures, just as the hero does in the “Life of Pi”. I would strongly recommend seeing the movie both to enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride of triumph over adversity, and reflect on and celebrate your own past 12 months.