7 and a half simple lessons from a year of blogging

It’s been a year since I first started blogging so I thought it should be a chance to reflect on my practice.

At a previous marker I put down some key facts about blogging, mainly for myself. These are listed below with some additional comments:

  1. There are many reasons why people read blogs, some of which may coincide with your own personal agenda. Now: still holds true
  2. You can improve your blogging by learning from others, but it takes time to really make a mark on your own. Now: yes, patience is the key
  3. You need to decide how closely you want to link a blog to public information about other activities that you undertake such as running a business, working for an employer, doing charity work or a hobby etc. There are arguments both for and against separating these. Now: I’ve tackled this by having links from this blog to my business website, but probably need more the other way and with other social media outlets.
  4. It makes sense to occasionally promote your posts via Twitter using a hash tag in the title, assuming that the timing is relevant to a key issue. Over-using popular hash tags may not be worth it in the end. Now: yes doing this occasionally is a good idea.
  5. The really big fish in the world of knowledge brokering are independent professionals who have built up a core following e.g. Seth Godin. They have something special to offer such as an illuminating book, the secrets of their success or privileged access to others more worthy than themselves. Now: I still wish I were like them!

As a sixth lesson, I still apply a rule that I must post at least once a week, but am reconsidering whether this could be more often than every 3 days – so perhaps it will now be on any day that I feel inspired to post, but definitely once every week.

The seventh lesson?

Try and not fix yourself down into being overly precise and analytical about what you should and shouldn’t do when blogging. It’s creativity and quality that matter, so as soon as it becomes a chore you should just throw in the towel and stop.

Hopefully that will never happen to me, but if it does and I don’t recognise it, please tell me!

I nearly forgot the half lesson. Don’t always use graphics.


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