Looking down on the Royal Family

I was in Windsor yesterday enjoying the sunny weather that is not always that common in England.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

We walked the full 8.5 km of the Long Walk and back, part of which you can see in the picture above.

Once you get to the southern end of the walk (in the opposite direction to the castle), you can look back down from the equestrian statute of King George III and see the whole landscape of Windsor and the surrounding environment. Off to the east you can see London Heathrow Airport with a steady stream of jets flying in from the west, directly over Windsor Castle.

Statue of George III

Statue of George III (with Heathrow-bound jet)

Plans have been mooted to extend four runways westwards from Heathrow across the nearby M25 orbital and the large reservoirs that provide water for Londoners.

You can imagine what the additional air traffic would be like for Windsor.

On the walk back down we imagined what it would be like as monarchs of England. George III was the first of them to give up most of his vast assets to the nation and agreed to receiving a fixed income, what is still called the Civil List. Might things change one day when William and Catherine take the throne and bring the Royal Family into the modern era? Will they open up all the private royal palaces, castles and houses to the nation, without us having to pay a sizeable entry fee to see inside them?

It may perhaps depend on the whether the nation asks the Prince to repay half of his RAF helicopter pilot training