behrfacts blogs, Government responds (well sort of …)

Last week I blogged about what I think will be the most important future educational benefit in England: personalised career paths for all young people.

Lo and behold this week the Government responded to the Parliamentary Education Select Committee’s report on careers guidance for young people.

While not accepting a number of the Committee’s recommendations, including the excellent idea of a published annual careers strategy for all schools (doesn’t have to be long), the Government made the following relatively conciliatory statement:

“We agree with the Committee that there is scope further to develop careers provision and we will consider its suggestions carefully. This summer’s Ofsted thematic review of careers will provide us with an important assessment of progress. The National Careers Council will publish its first annual report in May, advising the Government on improving the quality and coverage of careers services. We will take the findings of both reports into account in considering how best to support future improvements in careers guidance for young people.”

So there is a chance that we will move closer to achieving the outcomes many of us want in this important area.

Sound of a small cheer for a Government that doesn’t always listen on education matters.