Support the HTRT Qualifications Framework @HeadsRoundtable

A group of Head Teachers, with support from others, has developed a new qualifications framework for use in English schools and colleges: The HTRT Qualifications Framework.

This was done in response to Government-led reforms in England which have turned educational change into even more of a political football than usual. For example see this earlier post of mine on the proposed History Curriculum.

The recent local elections have shown that politics in England is becoming even more fluid and centred increasingly around emotive issues such as EU membership, immigration and the welfare system. Let politicians focus on these issues if they wish and leave education to the professionals.

The time has come for change to ensure real educational benefits for those who most need it – the young people we expect to manage the unknown world of the future. Curriculum and qualifications reform is just part of a broader package which involves inspiring and effective teaching and leadership.

So please engage with the new Head Teachers Roundtable framework and help produce something of value that, who knows, may even be ‘politician-proof’.