A Year in the Life of Headguruteacher

Great summary of a great education blogger’s activity since starting only a year ago.


A whole year has now passed since I set up this headguruteacher blog.  And what a year it has been!  The whole world of twitter and blogging has turned out to be far more rewarding, both professionally and personally, than I ever imagined.

I am amazed that, just in time for this first anniversary, the blog has had 150,000 hits and I’ve gained 6000 followers on twitter.  This is far, far, beyond my wildest expectations. The twitter-blog universe has had a significant influence on my thinking about education, has provided numerous professional opportunities and has brought me into contact with lots of great people. It has also allowed me to believe that I can actually write…..something that has taken me by surprise to no small degree.  100 blogs posts later, I’m still working on it and there is still so much more to say!  The democratic, self-publishing, self-editing freedom of…

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