It’s the smaller things in life …

It’s been half term this week and I’ve been keeping an eye on my daughter more than usual. This is because she has her first GCSE written papers next week at age 12 and a bit.

She’s supposed to be revising.

Problem is that the exam is in Russian and she is almost fluent in the language, so thinks it will be easy. This means that her attention has focused elsewhere and for the last few days this has been on re-designing her bedroom.

The project has been carefully planned with to scale drawings and task lists etc. It was aided by my purchase of a new chair and by helping her repaint a book stand. Finally her best friend came round today so they could sort unwanted items, move furniture and generally tidy things up.

I have to say the end product looks great and she seems really happy about it, which is all that really matters to me. Hopefully this will inspire her to spend more time on the Russian …

I just wanted to share this moment, that was all.