The mid-year post. Goals to do and see.

Today’s the 30th June, the mid-point of the year at the six month mark. I have a few goals for today which I’d like to share with you, and I’m hoping for a few to watch as well.

Goal 1

Write a quick blog post that will get my current very modest site stats over 500 views per month – today is my last chance and all I need is a few more views so here goes … [Update on 1 July: thanks folks I made it to 500 views per month, the next target is to double this within 3 months]

Goal 2

Have some more quality time with my wife and daughter – yesterday started with the end of term performance in my daughter’s Saturday Russian School. This took place a few hundred yards (fewer meters) away from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. Today we plan to see our daughter’s best friend do another performance in a local version of Robin Hood.

Goal 3

I’ve already been for a bit of warm up exercise in the local park, early enough on a Sunday morning so that no-one is around. I need to go for a proper bike ride later on. This is all punishment for any over-indulging I may do today, a sort of advanced credit.

Goal 4

I need to do some planning for my next work project – this could easily be put off as it looks like another glorious day, but I mustn’t. There is a reward for me if I manage to get this done …

Goal 5

To finish on the goals theme, right at the end of the day I’m hoping to sit down and watch the final of the Confederations Cup between Brazil and Spain. This tournament has been a dress rehearsal for next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Here’s a video from the last World Cup I went to in Germany in 2006, where I was lucky enough to watch the carnival-like and highly entertaining group stage match between Ghana and the Czech Republic.