What kind of education will our new prince have?

Of course you couldn’t escape from all the news about the new royal baby this week. Indeed I was walking past Buckingham Palace yesterday when they fired a 41 gun salute to the privileged infant – there’s a photo below but you can see it on video as well here.

Better than smoke from the Sistine Chapel?

Better than smoke from the Sistine Chapel?

The bigger question for me is what type of education the young boy will have when he grows up.

I’ve blogged previously about princes and education. This was about Eton College where the baby’s father, William, once went. Perhaps his son will follow the same path, or maybe Kate will hold a different view having attended Marlborough College in Wiltshire. She and Will met at St Andrews University in Scotland – it’s not impossible that it will be an independent country by the time junior goes off to university, the latter pretty much a given one assumes.

In terms of social mobility, Catherine’s ancestral lineage includes people of very simple means and she was a commoner by birth. Gender issues might be interesting because of the impact this can have on career choices, assuming baby is allowed to do what he likes by the time he becomes a legal adult (one imagines he will be well looked after financially). Not a lot to say on other diversity issues really.

The overall message from me to all of us is: “leave the child well alone now”. That’s the responsibility of his parents and hopefully they will make the right decisions despite the inevitable pressures bearing down on them from their families, the media, politicians and the public.


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  1. Would be nice if they just sent it to a regular comprehensive school and finally prove the point that wealthy people won’t immediately perish on entry.

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