Simples: either control our impact on global warming or move to Mars.

Yesterday the UN International Panel on Climate Change issued its latest assessment on global warming.


The scientists’ report indicated that long term changes to climate would continue to raise both average air/sea temperature and ocean levels. This doesn’t look encouraging for humans, given that a large proportion of our vast and growing population has decided to locate itself on or not far from coasts.

The day before this report was published we heard from NASA scientists that the Curiosity Rover has discovered Martian soil contains a surprisingly high proportion of water. This is in fact only 2%.

I’ve put two bits of science together and have a simple suggestion: let’s all move to Mars.

You might say it would be easier for coastal populations to migrate further inland towards higher ground, as happened in the past and even currently. This is fine for the short term as a ‘Plan B’ scenario, assuming most people even agree to this, but as humans we have the advantage of being able to anticipate future events, thanks to the grey matter between our ears. Education plays a vital part in this.

Let’s just go for the big picture solution, pack our valuables and head off to the Red Planet which is reassuringly dry, at least for the moment.

There are a few technical problems to overcome, but then Arnie has already been there and survived – the original ‘Total Recall’ film he headlined includes the concept of ‘terraforming’ i.e. changing Mars into a habitable planet, which even NASA has considered.

On the other hand, perhaps each of us should do more to reduce our impact on the environment. Simples really.

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