How I’ve progressed as an education knowledge broker one year on #portfoliocareers

I thought I’d do a bit of reflective analysis as part of my self-directed professional development as an education knowledge broker.

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The base point might as well be a year ago, when I attended a six-month follow-up course with a group of fellow portfolio careerists. We reflected on our work areas (the word ‘job’ is banned) and where we had potential strengths and weaknesses. At the time I wasn’t precisely sure which direction I was heading, but my gut feeling was that things would gradually emerge.

And this is what has happened.

I’ve been at pains to be selective about what I do and not just grab the first available opportunity. This means sometimes pushing work away because you know it would be unproductive in the long run both personally and financially – the latter judgement is difficult to make – sometimes I get involved in work on a voluntary basis, purely because it feels right to do so (and they can’t afford to pay).

So where am I now?

I am beginning to get a better sense of where my real strengths are around knowledge brokering. But the focus is still very much on education, and I have reaffirmed my belief in the importance of this key field of human activity and investment in the future. I have great respect for teachers and managers of the education system, who have to face continual chopping and changing, usually coming at them from on high.

It must be incredibly frustrating.

So I guess my mission in life is making a living from helping those who are being educated and those who are trying to educate them. If along the way I can also bridge the gaps between facts, outcomes and benefits, then that’s an added bonus for me and for those who wish to use my knowledge brokering services.


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