Barking up the wrong post. Brief reflections on my educational journey so far.

I have a rule which says I must post a blog on this website at least once a week.


Some weeks this is easier than others and this particular week I seem to have hit a wall as I near the deadline. So I thought I would examine briefly why I’m finding it difficult to pick an appealing topic.

I tend to blog about education-related issues as this is my meat and drink. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by educational change currently, as so much seems to be happening so rapidly, and I wouldn’t know where to start with it all …

But when I first began the blog in March 2012 it had a much broader aim of handling what I called ‘behr facts’ (see here for my original definition). After all I’d never blogged for myself before and this was all new territory.

Subsequently things started to focus much more on areas related to the business I set up in the same month as the blog and which I decided to call behr outcomes. A theme was developing.

Problem was I wasn’t 100% sure how broad my business should be and I wanted it to cover areas of work that were completely new to me. Gradually I came to realise that this just didn’t make sense. It helped me to look at my portfolio of working activities, be they historical, actual or aspirational. How could I carve out a niche for myself?

And so it was that I turned to education knowledge brokering. This is what I do.

Over time I have also learned more about my own strengths and weaknesses. It hasn’t been easy, requiring honest self-appraisal and a good dose of realism. But I feel the journey has been worth it.

Most importantly, it’s been educational.

You CAN teach an old dog tricks … and I just made the deadline.