What if he just cancelled Christmas (blogging)?

I’ve been struggling to write posts of late, to the extent that I keep wracking my brain about possible fascinating topics and once I get started with the text it inevitably bogs down into serious re-editing sessions. Not very productive having a writer’s block.

No better job than handing out present

So I’ve decided to take an early Xmas break from posts and come back refreshed in the New Year. December will be a blogging hiatus. Which made me think, what if Santa just cancelled Christmas altogether?

The germ of a thought came from a script my daughter is learning for her Russian Saturday School Xmas performance. Father Christmas has gone on strike because of too much posting (letters, not blogs), and the world’s media are reporting on the shock news.

The idea actually appeals to me. Good on you Santa! What kind of career is it anyway?

But would we really be happy without Christmas?

For one thing we would feel less guilty about a whole list of things, from spending too much on presents or receiving too many or expensive gifts from friends and relatives, to the post-prandial gloom following overindulgence in food, drink and/or partying.

Xmas is clearly about family and one of my favourite Disney films is Lilo and Stitch about a little orphaned Hawaiian Girl and an alien who befriends her and her elder sister. The concept of ‘ohana, which means an extended family in the local dialect, was a key theme throughout the movie. It struck a chord with us as a little family when we first watched it many years ago.

But I forgot to mention religion, which is of course the original justification for Christmas. I’m afraid that particular purpose seems to have disappeared off the map, which is sad but inevitable given all the other reasons for the celebrations and associated holidays that take place at the end of December/start of January.

And new years may formally start then, but for many of us the calendar year that matters already began in the Autumn.

Until January then ….


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