Blogging is a communal exercise whether you post yourself or just comment

I was interested to see that I came out top for the number of comments in 2013 on headguruteacher’s education blog. It’s written by a head teacher who is engaging with his own and his staff’s professional practice and particular school circumstances, as well as with the broader education (policy) environment in England.

This gives me some satisfaction, in that blogging is a communal exercise that involves both the writer/poster and those who interact with their messages. Some might argue it depends completely on this interaction and I am leaning more towards that view myself – writing blogs is great, and doing them well is a natural or acquired skill, but what really matters to me is the reaction they cause – which is why I suppose I comment more on some blogs than others, particularly those I choose to follow. Twitter has become a very useful dissemination tool for wider group conversations, but a direct relationship is still important.

At times it’s been a real struggle for me to write anything and only by imposing rules, and via an enforced blogging sabbatical recently, have I managed to do this. I’m not getting huge amounts of readership, but I’ve accepted this. My last post was really written for a group looking at the issues faced by disabled students, and the previous ones since end November (here, here, here, here, here, here and here) were all education and/or policy related re-blogs.

So I’ll continue as I started, occasionally posting my own or other contributions on topics that appeal to me, but above all making sure I interact with the wider blogosphere.