I run Ofsted. Don’t Get Me Out of Here!

It seems that Ofsted’s days may be numbered as one of its greatest defenders, the English Education Minister Michael Gove, appears to be considering other options.

I’ve previously blogged about his counterpart the Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Michael Wilshaw in a tongue-in-cheek way.

It’s curious but there are a few significant Michaels nowadays educationally speaking. Another is Sir Michael Barber, who is chief education strategist at the publishing and education conglomerate Pearson. This Michael used to be a close adviser to Tony Blair on delivering UK Government policies and programmes, within which education was a key plank.

Yet another is Michael Fullan, a world-reknowned Canadian educationist who is credited with turning things around in his home country and further afield.

While the the former 2 Michaels are seemingly now at odds, the latter 2 are in close collaboration mode.

Here’s a thought experiment. Take these 4 Michaels, throw them together in a confined space and make them collectively answer the question: “If there were only one possible benefit from a child having an education, what would it be and how should it be achieved?” Allow them just enough sleep, food and drink until either they come to a mutually agreed answer or just one of them remains in the space.

Oh and whatever happens, don’t you dare televise it.