Education in Indonesia must change course: that will have a huge influence on its knowledge sector

Knowledge counts

Pirmary school in the province of Flores, Indonesia Primary school in the province of Flores, Indonesia (Photo: Arnaldo Pellini)

Last weekend, a couple of interesting articles in the Jakarta Globe have highlighted the worrying state of education in Indonesia. As an example, despite USD 33.6 billion allocated to education this year many teachers do not receive their salaries (Time to Change the Way Education is Run). In the province of East Nusa Tenggara, one of the poorest, teachers and school staff have not been paid for more than three months. In the province of Aceh, some teachers have not been paid for six months. The amount of budget allocated to education shows that Indonesia has the necessary financial resources, yet salaries in some case cannot be paid.

The problem of low quality is not caused by a lack of public investment and sufficient budget allocation. Indonesia is spending one-fifth of its total public budget on theā€¦

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