New green shoots of knowledge – but who will really benefit?

Mea Culpa!

I haven’t written my own blog post for a while and reverted instead to re-blogging. I now intend to make amends.

But what to write about?

Since it’s Spring, a time for new beginnings, I think I’ll talk around what it now means to me to be a knowledge broker. This has changed since I started doing the role two years ago. Take a look at one of my original posts on this blog after I first launched my business. I did try to develop my thinking about knowledge brokering further down the line and this post is the last one I can find which is of any real help (but see also below).

Well that’s all in the past now. Here lies the future.

I’ve just rationalised my business strap line down to something which I now feel is simple but distinctive: “Turning your knowledge into real benefits.” Previous versions were either too vague or too intricate.

But what does this really mean? Let’s take the main constituents.

Knowledge: where to start? It can be as large or small as you wish it to be. I think it’s about facts and what you do with them, which is explained in this booklet I published on my business website in 2012. Where I have progressed since then is how this is of relevance to my current and future clients. Which is why ‘your’ now sits there before ‘knowledge.’

It’s about your knowledge. You own it. It just needs to be extracted from your brain by someone (in a nice way).

Real benefits: I’ve gone on about these from the very start and I don’t plan to stop now. 🙂 What I mean are things that have a long-lasting positive impact on you and others – they are linked to outcomes, but are more than them. At a simple level, it’s the difference between getting a bonus for outstanding work performance – and using the money to fund the public-speaking course you’ve always wanted to do and leads you to becoming a popular stand-up comedian, bringing laughter to thousands every weekend.

Organisations need real benefits as much as individuals – I can help turn your business/expert knowledge into real benefits. My background is in education, but I want to expand into other areas of societal responsibility.

In all events please look at behr outcomes. You won’t regret it.