Turning knowledge into real benefits #knowledgebrokering

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England. CC. Author: Gothick

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England. Creative Commons. Author: Gothick

My business is called behr outcomes and it’s all about turning knowledge into real benefits. The focus is currently on education as that’s my area of expertise, to be precise, in science and maths. However, I’m currently looking to broaden things out both within education and in other areas of societal responsibility.

How does it work?

Someone has a unique insight into an activity or issue (or multiples of these) by virtue of their education and experience. That’s great, but perhaps they don’t think they or those they work with are getting the right benefits from this?

This is where behr outcomes enters the picture.

Together we examine the activity or issue (or multiples of these) and decide on a plan of action linked to achieving the real benefits sought. It’s like bridging a gap. We can collectively be as strategic as a client wishes, but the focus has to be on supplementing their existing knowledge with key facts and processes to produce the desired outcomes. So for example, we recently helped a national organisation produce a plan of action for engaging even better with external stakeholders to achieve specific benefits – we brokered senior staff knowledge focusing it on identifying key organisations and using appropriate engagement activities with measurable outcomes.

Here’s a diagram: case study.


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