On being mindfully reflective and so spreading the benefit to all

I’ve not written a reflective post for a while.

Mount Hood, Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon (reflected)

In a January post I talked about the power of pragmatic reflection and hoped very much that I would continue working in education for the foreseeable future.

Well, I’m still ‘doing’ education, so that’s great.

However, there is still an issue around how I ‘do’ education.

My work experience is based on a decade in science and mathematics/STEM education policy formulation at the UK’s National Academy of Sciences (the Royal Society) and then subsequently a couple of years working for myself and clients in the same area.

I’ve tried to broaden out my portfolio into new areas, but this hasn’t always been straightforward. Saying that, I’m looking forward to new opportunities within ‘similar but different areas’.

I’m also still thinking about completely new approaches to what I do as someone who brokers the transfer of knowledge between those who possess it and all those who could benefit from it.

So plenty of reflection welcome, but in the end what matters is that it is mindful and leads to constructive action, measurable outcomes and real benefits for all.