Using what you know to change yourself and your world for the better

The below diagram tries to capture the title of this blog post.

kb diagram.001

Using what you know to change yourself and your world for the better © behr outcomes (2014)

What does it really mean?

It’s a potential expression of an improved vision for my business. This may or not affect the current strap line I use (‘Turning your knowledge into real benefits). Let’s look at the three separate components of this vision.

What you know

I’m not going to delve into the semantics of what this could mean for you, but put simply, what I know means a set of key facts within my current grasp. The list could be small, medium or large, depending on how one defines a key fact. I’ve developed my own interpretation which I’d be happy to share with you on request.


You, your being (body and mind), not someone else etc

Your World

The physical environment in which you live (I’m ignoring anything esoteric or non-material).

Putting it all together

The large two-way arrows indicate strong relationships, the dotted/faded arrow a weak one. The path indicates that you are the key to strengthening this weak relationship. What takes place inside your marvellous brain, and how it co-ordinates this with the rest of your body, determines how your existing knowledge impacts on you and your world for the better. There are of course many other factors at work and the diagram could be incredibly complex, but then its usefulness might be undermined …