Time for all of us to change our approach to mental health #TimetoTalk

There’s a campaign going on currently in the UK about changing attitudes to mental health issues called ‘Time to Change’.

TTC_TTTDay_HashtagThe campaign has a recent strand call ‘Time to Talk’ which is encouraging people to speak with relatives or friends who may have mental health problems. The idea is both to reduce any stigma associated with having a mental health problem and at the same time stimulate greater interaction between those afflicted by it and those who want to support them, but are not sure how to. I first became fully aware of the overall campaign because of a blog I reposted on this site back in February, when contributing as part of a group of universities and others on education-employment transitions for disabled students in the STEM subjects.

For the ‘Time to Talk’ campaign, I’ve inserted the above twitter tag on this blog as an image and in the title (which automatically gets tweeted on publication – great it if gets as many RT’s as possible). I’m also engaging directly with the UK charity Mind which provides mental health support services to those most in need. Finally, I’m trying to do some open talking with others I know so that such issues are not just pushed to the side, but given due respect. I may even start thinking about a fund-raising challenge of some kind eventually.