There are facts and there are the behr facts

I was waiting for a train to arrive at my local station yesterday, but I wasn’t planning to take it.

The train came in on time and people started disembarking.

Just when they were all on the platform they began running in my direction.

I caught a glimpse of a familiar face racing towards me (but why the rest of the passengers as well?).

The truth revealed itself.

A downpour had kicked off just as everyone had got off the train in the fading light and they were rushing to stay dry – I had been standing under solid concrete roofing and hadn’t noticed the sound of the torrent coming down, nor seen the rain drops in the gloom.

The familiar face was of my daughter, returning from a trip abroad with my wife. We were reunited.

This is my blog (I started it almost two-and-a-half years ago on my mother’s birthday).

These are the behr facts.