The behrfacts blog – the final post


I’ve been plugging away at this blog for two-and-a-half years now and the time has come to call it a day after 228 posts – that’s about 2 per week, though admittedly quite a few of late have been re-blogs as my drafting has diminished. Visitor numbers peaked a year ago (after my most visited post) and have since fallen and held at a pretty modest level of around 10 per day.

One of my most popular self-written posts was titled ‘Kettles, ex-communists and Al Gore rhythms’. I’m quite proud of that word combination as it sounds intriguing enough to want to find out more.

Back to the future, I’m not quite sure what the next step will be, perhaps a new blog under a different guise focusing on something completely different.

I am of course a little sad to see a good friend depart. Thanks for following the behrfacts blog and keep blogging and reading and/or commenting on posts wherever they may be.


2 thoughts on “The behrfacts blog – the final post

    • Hi Steve. Well I’m open to ideas. I actually prefer blogging about general thoughts and ideas rather than tailoring it to specific themes or tags, which I’ve tried to do so far.

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