Just to be clear

I’ve pulled this website out of hibernation after a few years’ gap when I moved from self-employment into contract work and then full-time employment.

I’m not sure how much I will be adding to it currently as most of my writing is focused on a book I am publishing this year in a different area. If you are interested look at www.sirjohnwolfebarry.com.

However I may occasionally drop in with a blog post as time and inclination permits. Don’t let that stop you from looking at my previous posts which were written in the context of what was happening in my life then. One of the main themes that comes out of them, and with which I still agree, is that young people require the right guidance at the right time to help them decide on their future careers and lives. This should be as independent as possible to avoid over-manipulation by the ‘system’, whatever that looks like to them and the adults who run it.

I’ve learned most from watching my daughter grow up and working out whether practice matches theory. The jury is still out on how much we can really influence the lives of those dearest to us in a way that best suits their own personal attributes and the future environment they may experience.